Andréa Veiga

Andréa Veiga


Andréa was born in Brazil but since the late seventies lives between London, UK and Bordeaux, France.

Andréa has been painting portraits for more than 25 years, in the US, Brazil, France and the UK. The artist attended classes at The Royal Academy of Art for three years, specialising in portraiture, and more recently acquired a degree with honours in History of Art.

Over the years Andréa has had a series of successful solo and group exhibitions in England. The last solo exhibition was devoted to images of childhood, and many of these pictures can be seen in Gallery.

Andréa uses classical oil painting techniques in her portrait paintings that generate a notable clarity, although it is not just how people look but the character of her subjects that she strives to capture in her paintings. Andréa believes it is about creating a common ground of trust – listening and watching body language and movements that help her to know her model. “In portraiture, I try to communicate some of the inner aspects of the sitter to the viewer. I aim to handle the silent communication between sitter and painter with sensitivity and extract qualities I think will make a good portrait. To capture the individuality, personality and presence of a person or animal is my main interest in painting a portrait.”

‘Andréa made the whole thing so much fun, and my initial fears were soon dispelled. I love the result – Andréa understands what makes people tick, and I think it is this that makes her such a wonderful artist.’

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